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DIY Succulent Soil

Posted by Daniel Armson on

This blog is all about how to make DIY succulent potting soil. It's the best soil I've ever used for succulents and its extremely easy to make. I used to buy the specialist succulent soil, it works ok but its expensive and I prefer a more sandy mixture. After years of testing I have finally came up with a great mix that always works a treat! . Now I make my own soil its much cheaper and better quality. So lets find out how its done!

Soil Succulents Need

Choosing the right soil for succulents is crucial. Friends and customers ask me all the time about problems with their succulents. 90% of the problems are caused by over watering, or drowned roots. Over-watering is the number one cause of death for succulents - it's super important to have a well draining, porous soil mixture.

DIY Succulent Soil Benefits

Why make your own soil mix? If you are serious about succulents, you would have noticed the amount of soil you need as your collection grows, also grows! While succulents are cheap, and provide lots of babies and new plants them selves with no extra cost, you still need soil to plant all your babies. Making your own bulk potting soil is much cheaper than buying pre-made commercial succulent soil.

What You Need

To make your own soil you only need three ingredients, all cheap and readily available in your local garden centre. All you need is Potting Soil, Sand and Perlite or Pumice.

· Potting soil - Any potting soil will do with a few exceptions. Avoid potting soil that contains vermiculite as it is designed to retain moisture, not what our succulents need. You want a light and porous potting soil, avoid the heavy garden soils.

Potting soil
· Sand - Do not skip the sand, its very important that have sand mixed into our succulent soil. Buy play sand, or any coarse sand, its easy to find in Home Depot or Lowes type stores. Avoid fine sand and sand from the beach.

Sand for succulent soil
· Perlite/Pumice - Perlite and Pumice do the same job, they are light rocks that allow the soil to drain fast, and allow air to flow through the soil.

perlite for succulent soil

· Three parts Potting Soil
· Two parts Sand
· One part Perlite/Pumice

succulent potting soil mixture
It couldn't be any easier, just add them to a large container and mix thoroughly. There you go. Easy DIY succulent soil. Never buy expensive soil again. You can store your soil in an airtight container, taking what you need as you need it.

Try it yourself. The mixture is also perfect for propagating succulent leaves.

Happy Soil Making!



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