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What Are Succulents?

Posted by Daniel Armson on

Succulent arrangement
When we hear the word succulent we think of food, juicy, tender food. That's exactly what succulents are, juicy and tender plants. There are plenty of different types, and species. Many have strange shapes, others have vibrant colors, some even have both.
There are species of succulents adapted to every type of climate, some can thrive in an arid desert, while others are comfortable on cold mountain peaks.

A succulent's main feature is it's chunky fat leaves, which store water. This enables the succulent to survive weeks without watering. Other than the beauty of the plants this is one of the main reasons succulents are so popular today, they thrive even with very little care.

Some of the Best Succulents for Beginners

  • Jade Plant (Crassula), is one of the most common succulent plants around. They can be grown as a group forming a fabulous bush or as a single strong plant. Jade Plants also make great Bonsai.
  • Echeveria, (featured on our home-page) this blue hued succulent is slow growing, resilient and easily cared for. Will tolerate little sun, and can even survive considerable frost.
  • Haworthia, this succulent is often confused with Aloe due to its similar shape. Haworthia species are bright green with striking white stripes along its leaves. They are known for easily producing offspring plants in the same pot which can be transplanted to start a whole new plant. Check out the Haworthia planted in our Ceramic Grey Lotus Pot.

So what is your favorite succulent?


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